If you are considering bringing along your pet to Blue Moon Cottages please ensure that you have read and accept the following conditions (please note that these conditions are a guide only, as we know all dogs especially are not created equal and we suggest you always talk to us first to ensure your pet is suitable at your chosen location):

  • Please bring your own bedding and bowls for your pets.
  • Do not allow pets into bedrooms or on furniture.
  • Do not allow pets into carpeted areas.
  • Do not lock pets inside while you are out. 
  • We do not take responsibility for pets left in courtyards or fenced gardens, you must do so at your own risk.
  • Constant barking and/or howling is not acceptable. Complaints from nearby residents and guests will be referred directly to the owners.
  • Please check the courtyards and garden areas thoroughly before you leave and clean up any messes left by your pets.