Walk from Blue Moon Cottages just 250 metres to the foreshore, there you will find a fantastic beach for your pets to run and play  (Rye Beach 168 J4 – K4 Between Daly Avenue & Shirlow Ave)

Leash-Free from 7pm to 9am the Next Day During Daylight Savings and Leash-Free at All Other Times of the Year

The one place our dog (Paddington) loves is the beach at Blairgowrie, it is the beach “du jour” for dogs and he loves to come together with all the other dogs and play.  Only problem is when we take him down there he never wants to leave and runs off before we can catch him.  He’s sneaky like that… (Camerons Bight 157 G11 Beach area between Stringer Road, Sorrento & Blairgowrie and Monument to the 1803 first settlers)

Leash-Free from 7pm to 12 noon the next day from 26 December to 1 March. Leash-Free at all other times of the year.

There are a number of cafes that cater for pets ie. water bowls and areas to tie them up:

Peninsula Pantry – best breakfast and quick lunches